Our competent and experienced teams offer our customers reliable support, advice and knowledge of the latest technological and industrial developments.


We supply more than just products to our customers. We solve their problems by providing integrated solutions. We anticipate our customers’ needs and invest in focused research and development that will benefit companies of all sizes.

The success of any company lies in its ability to adapt, keeping its products and services relevant in an increasingly competitive global economy. Through ongoing research and development, Sun Ace is developing new products and solutions while innovating and diversifying existing ones to cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

We are continuously exploring the latest technologies and looking to build strategic alliances with other corporations to develop efficient and cost effective products. With a knowledge base stretching back over 70 years, Sun Ace is able to draw on valuable expertise and resources from our group’s global operations to deliver quality products and solutions to our customers. Our commitment to them is further strengthened with unfailing support from our people and our facilities to provide our customers with innovative solutions.


At our research centres, we are constantly exploring new applications to improve efficiency and quality. We have also invested substantially in our processes in order to achieve high productivity and cost-effectiveness. This includes investment in sophisticated and comprehensive equipment such as advanced laboratory instruments to facilitate accurate diagnosis of product performances and processes for both raw materials and finished products.

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